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The Modern World (pt 1)
"Look what I found!" These are the words that started this horrible adventure. My name is Katie Lock. I am fourteen years old, and I have short and choppy brown hair, and boring brown eyes. I have three friends; Lilly, she is a daydreamer and very naive. She has blonde hair that is often with messed up ponytails, and she has blue eyes. Jacob is the shy one of our group. He has brown hair like mine, and it's short and messy. He also has green eyes. Lastly, Kyle, he is the sarcastic one who always teases Lilly. He believes in stuff he can only prove. He has black hair that hides his ears, which we tease him about. He has brown eyes and also wears glasses.
One day, I was exploring the forest with my friends when one of my friends, Lilly, noticed a door in the ground. "Look what I found," she called us and opened it up, and nothing happened. "Well that is weird place for a door," my friend Kyle said. "Well I thought something like in Alice in Wonderland..." Lilly replied. "You actually bel
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Most of my stuff, I'm not too full of my art but if you have any advice/tips on how I can be better go ahead and tell me!

...yes I'm too lazy to put bg in most of my art so shut up about it.


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Love is War - English Translyrics
Translyrics by JoyDreamer
My pretty crappy Cover xD:
There is simply nowhere it can run
Love heat burning me, why can't you see?
See those gray clouds over me, some kind of monochrome shouting at me
Sunlight casts a shadow here, the twilight changes, its color, it's drawing too near
Ahh, the world is getting blurry now, and even so, can my heart still love you somehow?
I know it's true - yet I do not know what I should do oh.
What can I do, what should I do?
I am a fool... His play tool!
Let's start fighting don't ask how, this war I will allow
Just seeing you so happy I could kill myself right now
Ardent L-O-V-E - That is a sin to me
I'll show you all my feelings 'cause emotion it's my key
The megaphone I used, to shout to your heart, it has been torn apart
But it does not matter now, how far I reach and why, 'cause I'll never make it to your eye sight
Ahh, the sky is now so clear, I didn't notice
The sun on my pa
:iconjoydreamerart:JoyDreamerART 41 1
Mozaik Role - English Translyrics
Translyrics by JoyDreamer
My Cover:
Certain words were pierced through you
It kept me waiting here to hear what's true
And from your wound I saw a fluid flow
And to describe it right, I'd call it so: "Our broken love"
The lack of sympathy and tears I shed
And all the love we make it feels so dead
Their so unsavory these ties we share
And it describes us well, but do you care?
"I'm still in love with you," really?
Isn't it fine to say we were in love?
Even if you are gone I can't feel new love at all
Isn't this what they all call "destiny"
It will fade, disappear, it's just really a love world
It will end and I will go
All that just because I'm sick of you
Not knowing if it's love, or if it's lust
It doesn't matter now, I won't discuss
The lack of sympathy and tears I shed
And all the love we make it feels so dead
Their so unsavory these ties we share
And it describes us well, but do you care?
But that is fine with me, re
:iconjoydreamerart:JoyDreamerART 30 10
Rolling Girl - English Translyrics
Translyrics by JoyDreamer
My Cover:
Lonely girl releasing all her screams
'Cause she could never reach her dreams
If you could get inside her twisted head
You would see, all the pain, so disturbed of the vain
"No problem," she told herself one day, but weren't those words lost in the gray?
Oh, Fail again, failing again
Searching all the mistakes she thinks would remain, but then it sends her spinning again!
Just once more, just once more
"I will also roll today just like before,"
Oh that girl says, that girl says
Playing with her words in all the many ways
"Are you better now?"
"It's still far somehow, I don't see the point and it's driving me crazy
I'm going to stop my breath, right now."
Lonely girl is troubled in her maze
She's at her end in unreachable ways
Voices blend over and over again
Driving her all insane, she is turning insane
"No problem," she told herself one day, but weren't those words lost in the gray?
:iconjoydreamerart:JoyDreamerART 48 9
wowow good art here maybe good writing or things i want to do later yeahhhhh


This is the best potato drawing ever. Period. It may be the best food drawing I've ever seen :iconclapplz: you deserve every single potato in the w...



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man if you try contacting me on here your in for a big surprise as im not on here p much anymore
check my skype which is pixeledmusic

i post art maybe


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I don't really know commissions very well...and I'm not that talented with icons....

40 and under is a sketch
50-80 black and white
90-120 colored
130-200 painting or anything else

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